Kathy’s Staff Pick – “The Girls”


The Girls by Emma Cline

This book grabbed me right from the start.

It is the fictional story of 14-year-old Evie and how she was lured into a cult resembling Charles Manson’s cult.

It is raw and emotional and at the same time mesmerizing.

The author does a great job of bringing the reader along for the ride and showing the reader how joining this cult was so easy for Evie – the need to belong outweighed other choices.

This is Emma Cline’s first novel, and she can write!!

Go ahead – read this, it will make an impression!

Newtown Bookshop’s Harry Potter Midnight Party!

The Magic is Back!!  And we would be tickled pink as a Pygmy Puff if you would join us for a night of games, giveaways, and more magical fun starting at 10:30pm on Saturday, July 30th.  Swing by and pick up your book the moment it’s released at midnight!  This is a free event for anyone who has preordered Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with us.

Please RSVP with the number attending by clicking here.

Books will be given out at midnight!

Susan’s Staff Pick – “Before the Wind”


Before the Wind by Jim Lynch

“On the water, we feel competent and exalted, the glory lingering until we step ashore and trip on the curb…”

This book blends the exciting drama of sailing together as a family with the dysfunctional drama of living together and working in the family business — building sailboats. As the three children grow, two escape to other continents and other oceans and yet home is always with them. The third also leaves — but only goes 60 miles south.

The writing is superb. The author obviously loves sailing and it shows, but ultimately it is not a book about just sailing. It is about family, love, expectations, strengths and weaknesses and all with a little Einstein thrown in. I love it.

Susan’s Staff Pick – “I Let You Go”

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

A hit and run accident kills a child. Two mothers grieve their losses. The story follows Jenna Gray as she leaves her current life and begins again in a small town on the Welsh coast.

Two British crime investigators never totally give up their search for the hit and run driver and eventually they find Jenna in her new location.

Nothing in this story is as simple as it first appears. There are twists within twists. I was completely intrigued and felt very connected to several of the characters. Mourning a child is unbearable.

Well written story. I recommend it highly.